Just a reminder for our Scoutmaster Conference (SMC) and Board of Review (BOR), it is the SCOUTS’ responsibility to schedule these, NOT the parents. Our policies for both are as follows: 

A scout must first fulfill all requirements, including all merit badges and all leadership position related requirements. As was discussed at our recent meeting, regarding leadership position-related requirements – completing the work outlined in your plan (along with any additions suggested) – needs to be completed satisfactorily for leadership credit. 

Once a scout has completed all of these requirements, he is to meet with his patrol’s Assistant Scoutmaster to have him review these requirements and sign off on all that are completed in the scout’s book. Once all requirements are signed off in the book by the Assistant Scoutmaster, a scout can then request a Scoutmaster Conference.

After the Scoutmaster Conference is successfully completed, a scout can request a Board of Review.


SMC and BOR should also be requested at least 7 days in advance. Exceptions are possible, but rare and usually done when adult leaders have contributed to a delay.

Scoutmaster Conferences are scheduled directly with the assistant scoutmaster in your patrol.

Boards of Review are to be scheduled with our Advancement Committee Chair. She can be contacted at the email form provided on the Contact Us page. 

We continually need adult volunteers to perform BOR's so please let us know if you are able to help. Click here to see what a BOR is.


If your son is having the BOR, you are required to participate in another scout's BOR. For each scout, we need another mom from the same patrol to be on the board.

Please submit your BoR request at least one week before the 2nd Monday of the month. All required documents need to be attached in the BOR request email. If not all documents are received before the deadline, you'll be put onto the next available BOR. An email will be sent to you with your BOR schedule shortly after your request is received.

Email instructions:

1.  Subject line: BOR Request: Scout Name, Patrol Name, Rank to advance 

2.  Recipients line: Yvette Ying (, Tina Wang (, Steven Kou (, Rachel Qiu (, Boris Liu (, one or both of your parents.

3. For all ranks, attach a photo of the rank requirement pages from your Scoutbook. All sign-offs and dates (mm/dd/yy) must be clearly readable.

4. For First Class and ranks above, make sure your SMC meeting minutes are approved by ASMs. Please attach (not forward) the approval email(s) along with other required documents in the BOR request email.

5. Prepare the following required documents for BoR accordingly. Attach all documents; links to Google Docs/Sheet/folder are also acceptable.