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Patrol Leaders’ Council

PLC (Patrol Leaders’ Council) meets once a month to plan the Troop’s activities. This meeting is lead by the Senior Patrol Leader. The Council is composed of the Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, Scribe and Troop Guides.

One of the most significant (and least widely known) benefits of scouting is the leadership experience that young men are able to get. It is almost impossible to get anywhere near the degree of leadership experience typical in scouting outside of scouting before adulthood.

The patrol leaders’ council plans and runs the troop’s program and activities and gives long-range direction with an annual planning conference that lays out the troop’s calendar for the coming year. Composed of the troop’s youth leaders, the patrol leaders’ council also meets each month to fine-tune upcoming troop meetings and outings. They might also get together briefly after each troop meeting to review the plans for the next troop meeting and make any adjustments to ensure its success.

Meetings of the patrol leaders’ council are conducted by the senior patrol leader — usually on the third Saturday morning of each month. Patrol leaders and troop guides present the ideas and concerns of their patrols, then take the council’s decisions to the rest of the troop members.

The Scoutmaster attends patrol leaders’ council meetings as a coach and an informational resource. The Scoutmaster and troop committee retain veto power over decisions of the patrol leaders’ council, but should need to exercise it only on rare occasions when the plans of the patrol leaders’ council would violate BSA policy or could lead to a situation that might jeopardize the safety and well-being of troop members.